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Whitepaper: Multipath Analysis Using Code-Minus-Carrier - Technique in GNSS Antennas.

Over the last decade, there has been a significant advancement in the capabilities of the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS). The rise of autonomous vehicles, advanced robotic applications, precision agriculture, and more is spurring this demand. As a result, we are witnessing high-precision GNSS technology become more integral to our daily lives, cities, and industries.


However, in urban environments, the GNSS signals often suffer from multipath effects caused by surroundings, which can degrade the positioning accuracy. To combat this, the multipath effect must be reduced or minimized. Traditional GNSS receivers struggle with processing multipath signals effectively. However, advancements in antenna design have shown promise in mitigating these effects, enhancing the performance of GNSS receivers.


Dive into our whitepaper “Multipath Analysis Using Code-Minus-Carrier – Technique in GNSS Antennas” to learn more about this technique and how GNSS antennas can be designed and optimized to reject multipath waves.

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