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Corporate policies that benefit the environment

A more sustainable and better shared future for all

We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and helping others reduce theirs by continuously researching new technologies, materials, improved RF and antenna designs, and providing innovative end-to-end IoT solutions for a more connected and sustainable world. We also aim to shape a better world for our employees at a global level and improve the communities in which we operate.

We are proud to partner with companies making a difference and help our customers reduce their carbon output with our technology that supports remote connectivity.

Our CSR Commitment


With over 370 employees in 8 locations worldwide, we pride ourselves on having a global, diverse, and inclusive culture, with a well-balanced gender distribution across functions, regions, and seniority levels. We are committed to nurturing an environment where transparency and collaboration drive innovative solutions to meet the needs of our stakeholders.

We believe in celebrating diversity in all its shapes and cultivating a sense of belonging, where every person is heard and given equal opportunities to succeed, while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. We offer a variety of training and life-long learning opportunities, alongside very competitive salaries, benefits, remote and hybrid work schedules, and office perks that ensure employee health and wellbeing.

Taoglas Employees in a meeting room

Our CSR Commitment


We have established sustainable supply chains with local vendors in all our manufacturing regions, and our code of business conduct encompasses a rigorous set of ethical principles for fair operating practices, customer relations, and product quality and information, while also maintaining all relevant ISO certifications. We engage in best efforts to ensure our materials are ethically sourced and our products are responsibly produced. A Material Declaration Sheet (MDS) or Material Composition Declaration according to IPC-1752A is available for every Taoglas product at the homogeneous level.

Person working in Tainan Factory



We both initiate and join philanthropic efforts that support environmental sustainability and humanitarian causes. We do so by offering internships, organizing fundraisers, and supporting international and local charities suggested by our staff. Every suggestion is given due consideration in concordance with our values. Here is some of our work:

Boys To Men Mentoring

Our CEO has been using his passion for surfing to raise awareness and funds for the nonprofit’s efforts to bring positive male mentorship to hundreds of young, fatherless, at-risk, and disconnected teenage boys in San Diego County.

In 2021, he took the 100 Wave Challenge for the fourth year in a row and personally raised more than $15,000 for the cause over the years.

Person Surfing in the Ocean

DCU Access

For the past four years, we’ve sponsored 20 economically disadvantaged students in Ireland through the DCU Access program, funding their living expenses so they can attend Dublin City University’s undergraduate courses and focus on their studies. We’ve also offered them internships in our engineering and marketing departments to get hands-on work experience. We’ve even hired the best.

student studying in a classroom

McAlister Institute

People all over the world are one medical bill or a layoff away from losing the roofs over their heads and not being able to get basic human needs met. We've helped fund an organization that's tackling homelessness by providing mental health help and alcohol/substance abuse rehabilitation in San Diego.

Two people have a discussion

USO San Diego

The unpredictable turns of the pandemic made it so that we couldn't celebrate the holidays together in any of our locations this year. We've decided to support our San Diego USO Chapter instead.

That way, dozens of young sailors and marines stuck in limbo over the holidays got to enjoy a delicious, healthy meal and know that someone appreciates their service.

We’ve also donated $6k worth of office furniture to support the center’s operations.

people enjoying their meal in a restaurant

Unity for Ukraine

We’ve helped Unity for Ukraine raise over $150k to buy and ship protective military gear (bulletproof vests, Kevlar helmets, thermal underwear, boots, gloves, sleeping bags, medical aid kits, etc.) to the Ukrainian civilians who needed to protect their homes during the Russian invasion.

Taoglas employees and the company itself supported UFU's efforts with over $40k and handling the shipping logistics to Poland and Ukraine.

Our long-time partner, u-blox, launched an employee matched donation program and contributed $12k towards the equipment procurement.

corporate social responsibility

Carbon Footprint Reduction

Our technology has enabled our innovative customers worldwide to make significant contributions to carbon footprint reduction through remote connectivity in a wide range of applications such as:

Wildfire management | Apiary management | Smart water meters | Smart city lighting | Public transportation | Smart agriculture | E-Mobility / Micro-mobility | Smart roads & traffic monitoring | Fleet management | Telemedicine | Wireless asset tracking | Wearable & implanted devices | At home patient monitoring | Smart buildings

Wireless device monitoring is crucial to reducing our impact on energy consumption, and in turn our carbon footprint. For example, smart electricity meters in homes and industry allows users to monitor and reduce their overall consumption to reduce their energy usage. With a better understanding of energy usage, customers can see how even small changes can reduce energy consumption and lower overall energy emissions leading to lower energy bills and a smaller carbon footprint – a double win. Through cellular and ISM band connectivity, meter readings can be done remotely negating the need for site visits. Sites that were difficult to visit or maintain were no longer a problem.

a meter with cable

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