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Smart Cities

Connected Spaces Inside and Out

IoT solutions enable a smarter and safer future for people, improve city services and the living experience of residents.

We develop high performance, high quality antenna and RF components that power safe and secure IoT solutions used in smart city, smart grid, and other smart connected space applications. Our industry-leading design, test, and manufacturing capabilities ensure a portfolio of robust solutions that enable your time-to-market product launch.

safe and secure IoT solutions used in smart city

We think of smart cities as an IoT way of life

A smart city encompasses most other IoT markets from connected cars, hospitals, first responders, lighting, security, heating, energy, digital broadcasts, and so on. The density of devices, neighboring interference and general performance expectations at varying heights and distances make integration, testing and certifications necessary for smart city applications. The more devices, vehicles, buildings, and people become connected, the more important it is to have a broad portfolio of products and breadth of engineering expertise to optimize how devices work with each other and within the overall network.

Spotlight Applications

a 3d model of city showcasing list of Tagolas products that can be integrated
Smart Lighting

Intelligent street-lights can monitor footfall, traffic and air quality, improve citizen satisfaction and sense of safety, and help successfully manage city maintenance budgets. Can also apply to smart home lighting connecting devices in the home through M2M and IoT.

Connected Industrial Machines

Industrial IoT provides digital transformation of manufacturing, energy and power, oil & gas, logistics and transportation application. This technology improves factory processes, safety, machine maintenance and lifespan and allows for optimum performance and cost saving as a result.

Smart Metering

Smart metering applications require IoT or cellular support to provide an accurate set of data to your database. Many different frequencies are employed, often low power bands such as the 433MHz band. We offer embedded and external antennas that cover options across the spectrum.

Digital Signage

Digital signage and high definition broadcast systems require high efficiency and high gain MIMO antennas to achieve the signal to noise ratio and throughput required to display quality indoor and outdoor content. A great place to start is by implementing one of our antennas supporting the 2.4/5.8GHz LTE spectrum, NB-IoT / CAT M1 bands and 4G/3G/2G bands from 0.7 to 2.7 GHz.

Smart Buildings

Smart buildings cover everything from lighting, security, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems to smart grid and intelligent spaces. We spend the majority of our time inside buildings, so our IoT solutions have huge potential to transform people’s lives, while improving operational efficiencies, lowering environmental impacts and saving costs.

Connected Transportation

With urbanization set to grow twofold, public transport is a huge challenge for cities worldwide. Smart public transport means increased efficiencies and an improved society by connecting railways, trams, and buses. We offer connectivity solutions that realize this.

Our Connectivity Solutions

We differentiate our antenna and RF solutions with advanced design methodologies, years of tribal knowledge, and continued innovation in existing and new technologies. Our engineers have decades of expertise and experience in a multitude of cellular and wireless standards, from GNSS, Wi-Fi, UWB, 4G and beyond to 5G.

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