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mmWave External Antennas

Taoglas experience in RF technologies has allowed us to expand to offer products and services for mmWave technologies. Operating up to 30GHz, our external mmWave antennas can be designed in to systems and applications that require high-speed wireless connectivity, such as 5G cellular networks, point-to-point wireless links, and satellite communications. mmWave antennas are designed to provide higher bandwidth and lower latency compared to traditional antennas, making them ideal for next-generation of wireless applications.

Our mmWave external antennas come in a connector-style mounting, which allows for easy installation and removal of the antenna. Connector-style antennas are ideal for applications that require frequent antenna swapping or testing, as they can be easily connected and disconnected without the need for additional tools. We also support with a range of mmWave cable assemblies and connectors such as the 2.92mm connector, which is a type of coaxial connector that is commonly used in high-frequency applications.

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