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Taoglas’ engineering and technical capabilities are unrivalled

RF and Antenna Capabilities

We understand that our customers’ needs vary from project to project and our team of experienced engineers will work with you from the beginning of the design process to create a checklist of RF requirements and a project charter. We will then create a technical-commercial proposal, which looks at the system-level RF requirements, reviewing the various consequences of taking different design directions and what would be the best route for engineering to progress with. This process significantly reduces the risks and time associated with creating and integrating new technologies, ultimately getting your device to market faster and more cost-effectively.

High Precision GNSS

While GPS-based positioning has served us well in the past for applications such as navigation and logistics, today's use cases demand higher precision. In particular, mission-critical applications such as emergency services require cm-level accuracy. New technologies such as Real-Time Kinematic (RTK), which uses a reference station to provide real-time corrections to GPS signals, can correct errors in GPS and other positioning systems. Additionally, a multi-constellation approach helps to minimize the influence of obstructions caused by cityscapes or foliage and enables more precise location information.

Laser Direct Structuring (LDS)

LDS Technology

Laser Direct Structuring (LDS) is a process whereby an antenna can be designed and produced onto a 3-dimensional plastic carrier. This carrier can be a separate plastic entity or an existing integral part of the customer’s product’s housing. Taoglas is offering LDS Technology to address customer needs for smaller, high-performance products with integrated LDS antennas in the Automotive and Wearables markets. LDS Technology allows an antenna design to be directly placed onto the surface of a molded plastic part, which can become part of the planner enclosure for the finished product or sub-assembly.

LDS Capability Image

Lighter. Tougher. Terrablast.


Taoglas is thrilled to introduce an exciting new line of products to its already innovative product lineup: Terrablast Antennas from Taoglas.  Built to be tougher and lighter than traditional ceramic materials, Terrablast is designed to bring lightweight durability to a variety of applications and meet the demands of the UAV and Automotive industries. Using a unique polymer dielectric material, which makes it 30% lighter than traditional ceramic antenna technologies, Taoglas becomes the first in class to deliver high-performance antenna solutions in an unprecedented durable and light-weight form factor. The Terrablast material has ultra-impact resistant characteristics to withstand drops, falls, and impacts – making it ideal for applications like UAVs, where the antenna’s mechanical robustness following impact is critical.

Terrablast Capabilities-Image

Taoglas Invisible Antenna™

The Taoglas Invisible Antenna is a series of transparent flex antennas that offer a clear alternative to opaque antennas for covert cellular, Wi-Fi, and GNSS connectivity in innovative IoT applications. With simple “peel and stick” mounting to any nonmetal surface such as plastic, glass, and screens, the paper thin, ultra-lightweight TFX series offers a clear alternative to standard opaque antennas for use in mobility, public infrastructure, medical devices, transportation, and emerging IoT applications. Talk to us about samples or customized antennas to suit your requirements.

Invisible Antenna Image


mmWave - 5G NR Antenna Technology

Our 5G NR Sub-6 GHz portfolio covers global cellular technology bands with embedded and external antennas as well as combination antennas including GNSS, Wi-Fi and other protocols. We have numerous off-the-shelf, high-performance products in multiple form factors available today. As the 5G NR mmWave market is starting to emerge globally, our high-performance and cost-competitive subsystem will help solidify a broader and faster deployment of the technology. We have prototyped and tested numerous patented array subsystem designs with five different chipset OEMs and are helping resolve some of the most complex antenna design scenarios with our strategic IC partners. Our Quantum KHA16.24C smart antenna subsystem is the latest patent-pending 2D antenna array integrated into a multi-layer PCB that contains the RFICs and 16 antenna elements.

mmWave Image

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