High Precision GNSS Antenna Performance

Taoglas have tested our range of High Precision GNSS antennas in an open sky view environment to simulate the expected values that an end-user may expect in a field test. All field tests are performed using the ZED-F9P u-Blox module on a static rooftop test set up in an open sky environment for 6 hours.

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The high precision range of antennas are also tested in an anechoic chamber for Phase Centre Offset (PCO), Phase Centre Variation (PCV) and Group Delay.
These are typically the parameters that end users could use to input into their receivers for correction to achieve even greater accuracy down to cm level positional accuracy in the measurements.


– Recommended Minimum C/No for Standard Precision Acquisition / Tracking is 26-30/12-15 (dB-Hz)
– Recommended Minimum C/No for RTK is 40 (dB-Hz)

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