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Introducing the latest innovation in RF components – Taoglas Front End Modules! Our single-package solution allows you to design in the active electronics for yor GNSS antenna in a simple pick and place, direct mount package.

Our Front End Modules offer exceptional out-of-band rejection across multiple band configurations and neighboring interference, thanks to its integrated pre-filters. With optimized impedance matching and dual-gain stage architecture, our modules deliver sufficient gain to the GNSS receiver without signal-to-noise overload.

Our Low-profile Form Factor is designed to save valuable real estate without the need for external components and routing, making it the perfect solution for compact devices. Developed over 2+ years by antenna and RF design experts, our modules are guaranteed to deliver the highest levels of integration, manufacturability, and robustness in a single package.

Our Front End Modules are the perfect solution for those looking for ease-of-integration and accelerated development cycles, speeding up your time to market.

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