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Taoglas Connectors

Focused on best-in-class, high-performance antenna, and RF design with advanced positioning, imaging, audio, and artificial intelligence technologies, Taoglas understands the importance of high-performance connections.

Taoglas’ connectors, adaptors and receptacles are designed to provide a high quality connection with low insertion losses. With over 100 connectors in our portfolio we can provide a range of connector types such as Micro U.FL compatible receptacles and USCAR certified FAKRA Connectors for on board and cable mounted solutions.

Read more about our range of RF Connectors | Medical Connectors | Transportation Connectors below.

Harnesses for RF Applications

RF - Taoglas supply an extensive line of RF (Radio Frequency) coaxial cable assemblies, for use in wireless telecommunication applications for example 5G/LTE, Wi-Fi or test instruments and IoT devices. We have many off the shelf, ready-made assemblies for common applications.

2 RF Connectors

Connectors for Connected Health Applications

Medical - Connectors are important when it comes to physical safety and creating a worry-free environment across a variety of applications including telehealth, remote care, disease, and lifestyle management.

A Medical staff using an Medical Device with IoT Solution

Connectors for Smart Transportation Applications

Transportation - Connectors are important when it comes to physical safety, harsh environments and any power and signal application on commercial vehicle and transportation applications.

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