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The Taoglas Genset Insights solution is an industrial-grade solution which makes it easier than ever for Genset operators to save money and drive down their operational costs, by using real-time data and insights to monitor running time, fuel levels, engine oil pressure, engine temperature and engine health.

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Taoglas® Antenna and Cable Builder

Know Exactly What You Want?

Remove the complexity, potential for errors and lengthy process from ordering custom antennas and RF cable assemblies. With the Taoglas antenna and cable builders, you have the freedom to build your custom antennas and RF cable assemblies the way you want them. 

Ordering custom antennas has never been easier. Use the legendary Taoglas Antenna builder to build and order custom antennas. Need a custom cable? The Taoglas Cable Builder will allow you to immediately create and order customized Taoglas RF cable assemblies and jumpers.

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Taoglas® Design and Test Services

Taoglas Next-Gen IoT Services help our customers with its digital transformation programs by reducing the risks and time associated with creating and integrating new technologies.
Initial System Analysis
IoT Solutions
Wi-Fi & Bluetooth
Sigfox and LoRa
Ultra Wide Band

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