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Let's get started, build your custom cable

Order and customize our cable assemblies the way you like it. Just fill out the form and your parts will be built, just how you want it. After you have completed your purchase, your goods will be manufactured according to the lead time specified and then shipped immediately to your address.

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  1. 1. Select your cable

    Use this dropdown to select the transmission line/cable you require.

  2. 2. Cable Length

    Use this box to specify the cable length in milimeters or inches, for length tolerance and specification see master cable assembly drawing (see: Your Cable -> Master Assembly Drawing).

  3. 3. Select left connector

    Use this dropdown to select your left connector type.

  4. 4. Select right connector

    Use this dropdown to select your right connector type.

  5. 5. Part Reference

    Use this field to enter your own internal part reference.

  6. 6. Angle

    When both left & right connectors are "orientable" this dropdown will become available allowing you to specify the angle of orientation.

  7. 7. Quantity

    Use this box to enter the number of cables you require.

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