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Smart Industrial

Precision Agriculture and Industrial IoT

Enabling efficient and effective monitoring of farming, factories, and equipment for smart, safe, and sustainable agriculture and industrial application management.

Our antenna and RF components are designed to endure the vastly rugged environments of farming, oil and gas, energy, and other rural transportation applications with manufacturing and logistics needs. We are committed to helping you develop IoT solutions that improve factory processes, safety, machine maintenance and lifespan and allows for optimum performance and cost saving as a result.

sustainable agriculture and industrial setup

Enabling Technologies

Precision agriculture and industrial IoT cross paths with many IoT applications for remote monitoring, robotics, and gateways and routers. Advanced IoT and connectivity solutions extend coverage and increase the link quality to any standard antenna system, perfect for applications in rural areas. In addition to agricultural or fleet management systems, wireless Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions are used to secure assets, increase operational efficiency, and achieve regulatory compliance across many different sectors.

Spotlight Applications

showcasing Taoglas products that can be integrated with a tractor
Smart Agriculture

From precision livestock farming, temperature and humidity monitoring of produce to silo management solutions, smart agriculture provides benefits in the form of a more sustainable agriculture, ensuring food security with a lower environmental impact and guaranteed healthy food production.

Connected Industrial Machines

Industrial IoT provides digital transformation of manufacturing, energy and power, oil & gas, logistics and transportation application. This technology improves factory processes, safety, machine maintenance and lifespan and allows for optimum performance and cost saving as a result.

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring is tough when strong coverage is required over wide areas, and even more so for high-data bandwidth applications. Our antennas support Cellular, GPS, ISM, Wi-Fi, and LoRa technologies and come in a variety of robust form factors for reliable performance in unpredictable environment conditions.

Navigating complex regulatory requirements

From antenna to fully integrated IoT solutions, we’ve spent years working through the pain points of certifications, performance testing, and overall regulatory compliance so you don’t have to. Our products and services help ensure you can achieve time-to-market success without an issue with one of the industrial automation regulatory considerations below.

  • Transportation / Rail / Industrial​
  • Verification & Validation for highly deterministic systems​
  • MISRA / SafeRTOS / Mission Critical​
  • IEC 61508 UL1998​
  • IEC 61511​
  • Automation & Process Control Expertise​

Our Connectivity Solutions

We have a wide range of products perfect for use with GNSS or cellular modems in agriculture, rural transportation, and IIoT, including magnetic mount, small indoor/outdoor antennas designed to work with any metal ground plane and antennas designed to reliably deliver the benefits of connectivity indoors.

Want to accelerate your precision agriculture or industrial IoT project?

Check out our multi-sensor, pre-certified system-on-modules (SoM) designed by our IoT experts to make your IoT design process as simple as activating a SIM card.

pre-certified system-on-modules (SoM) designed by Taoglas IoT experts