Compliance with relevant Export Regulations:

It is Taoglas Group Holdings Limited and its subsidiaries (“Taoglas”) policy to verify the End-Use and End-User in all sales of our products, transfer of technical data or software to ensure compliance with applicable local, relevant export control laws and regulations.  As part of Taoglas’ export compliance process, we request that you as the Purchaser confirm the following:

1. The Purchaser will not export or re-export Taoglas product, technology or software to banned countries or persons as identified in relevant and applicable local export control laws and regulations, such as but not limited, to those listed on the Office of Foreign Assets Control  Sanctions Programs and Information, EU Sanctions Map, Chinese Defense Universities Tracker, or other similar restrictions and sanctions per local, applicable regulations of the country of purchase and/or use.

2. The Purchaser will not sell, transfer, export or re-export Taoglas product for use in activities which involve the development, production, use or stockpiling of nuclear, chemical or biological weapons, missiles or unmanned aircraft systems, nor use Taoglas product in any facilities which are engaged in activities relating to such weapons, terrorist activities, or any military application.

3. The Purchaser acknowledges that local applicable export control laws, sanctions, and regulations may prohibit the sale, transfer, export or re-export or other participation in any export transaction involving Taoglas product with individuals or companies listed in the relevant Denied Persons List, Unverified List and Entity List; the International Security and Nonproliferation (ISN) Nonproliferation Sanctions;  the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) AECA Debarred List; and the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) Specially Designated Nationals List, or other equivalent local export control laws, sanctions, and regulations of the country of purchase and/or use.

4. The Purchaser will abide by all applicable export control laws and regulations for any product purchased from Taoglas and will obtain any applicable licenses or prior approvals required by the such relevant authority prior to the export or re-export of Taoglas products, software or technology.

5. The Purchaser agrees that the export control requirements listed above, 1-4, shall survive and supersede any agreement, contract, or Terms and Conditions such Purchaser and Taoglas may enter into.

6. For the avoidance of doubt, any and all export control laws, sanctions, limitations, and regulations apply to the sale of goods from Taoglas and the Purchaser.

7) If the Purchaser is not the End User please complete the linked End Use/End User Certificate.

For any questions in relation to the information provided, please email