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UWB External Antennas

UWB, or Ultra-Wideband, is a wireless communication technology that utilizes a wide frequency band to transmit data at high speeds. Our UWB External Antennas are designed to provide reliable and high-performance wireless communications for a variety of applications, including IoT, industrial and smart home automation and the technology is perfect for indoor asset positioning systems.

Our UWB External Antennas are available in various types, including dipole, patch, and directional antennas. Each type offers unique advantages and can be selected based on the specific needs of your application and channels required.

In addition to various antenna types, our UWB External Antennas are also available in different mounting styles, including adhesive, connector, pole, and permanent mounting. Adhesive and connector mounting styles are ideal for temporary, non-destructive installations, while pole and permanent mounting styles provide a more secure and durable installation solution. To ensure optimal performance, our UWB External Antennas are available with multiple connector options. N Type connectors are widely used in RF applications and offer a high level of durability and reliability. SMA connectors, on the other hand, are commonly used in small and portable devices and provide a compact and reliable solution. Our experienced team can provide guidance on the selection of the right type of antenna for your specific use case.

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