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Embedded Antennas

Embedded antennas are antennas that can be integrated into the dielectric material of a printed circuit board. They are typically made of a thin metal layer and have a thickness of less than half a millimeter.

There are several types of embedded antennas available:

  • Flex Antennas: These antennas are designed to be off-board, adhesively mounted to a device enclosure, and connected to the PCB with a micro-coax cable and connector.
  • PCB Antennas: FR4 antennas are antennas built on a substrate made from glass fiber-reinforced epoxy laminate and used in various wireless devices due to several advantages: Low cost, Compact size and Easy to  integrate.
  • Patch antennas: Ceramic patch antennas are a specific type of patch antenna that uses a ceramic substrate instead of the more common FR4. This difference in material leads to several advantages including higher permittivity, better mechanical strength and higher temperature stability.

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