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Automotive and Transportation

Taoglas delivers innovative solutions that enhance connectivity and safety in the transportation sector. Their offerings support a range of applications from vehicle telematics to advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), playing a crucial role in the development of connected and autonomous vehicles.

fleet of vans on a bridge over water

Connected Health

In the connected health market, Taoglas provides technologies that enable remote monitoring, telehealth, and wellness applications. Their products ensure reliable data transmission, essential for patient monitoring devices, wearable health tech, and other medical IoT applications, fostering a seamless and secure healthcare ecosystem.

hi tech devices in a hospital

Mobility and Infrastructure

Taoglas supports the mobility and infrastructure sector by offering solutions that enhance wireless communication and data transmission in urban and remote areas. Their technology underpins the connectivity required for smart mobility solutions, public Wi-Fi networks, and other infrastructure services, facilitating efficient city management and improved public services.

a car on a bust street showcasing Taoglas antenna on the roof

Smart Industrial

In the smart industrial market, Taoglas' solutions cater to the increasing demand for automation and data-driven decision-making. Their products are integral to industrial IoT applications, enabling machine-to-machine communication, predictive maintenance, and smart manufacturing processes, thereby optimizing operational efficiency and productivity.

Robot Arm working in a Chip representing Smart Industrial

Smart Cities

Taoglas assists in the evolution of smart cities by providing technologies that help in the collection, transmission, and analysis of data from various urban systems. Their solutions support smart lighting, waste management, traffic control, and other city management functions, contributing to more sustainable, efficient, and livable urban environments.

a camera used for surveilling the city

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