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TGX.04 – 4 x 5G/4G LTE MIMO Cross-Polarized Antenna with Multi Mount Bracket

4 x 5G/4G LTE MIMO Cross-Polarized Antenna with Multi Mount Bracket

The Taoglas TGX.04 is a 4* 5G/4G MIMO cross-polarized omnidirectional dipole antenna with a wide bandwidth covering all worldwide sub 6GHz cellular bands from 400 to 6000MHz. It uses four dipole antennas to deliver the best possible throughput and quality improvements in transmitting and receive signal levels, leading to better coverage and performance, especially in urban environments. It is designed for multiple mounting options to allow for a variety of use cases and is supplied with 3m of low loss cable with SMA(M) connectors as standard.

Typical Applications include:
– Agriculture and Rural 5G
– Coverage enhancement systems
– Commercial Transportation
– Connected Enterprise
– Public Safety and First Responder

The TGX.04 design is an evolution of our hugely successful TG.45 antenna design and it is unrivalled in its ability to cover all wideband 5G/4G Sub 6GHz bands. The antenna is tuned for great performance at the recently established 5GNR bands between 3300 – 4200MHz and covers Band 31 (450MHz) and Band 71 (617MHz) at the lower end of the 5G/4G frequency spectrum. High Efficiency and stable Gain is achievable at each band on all 4 MIMO antennas.

The cross polarized antennas’ layout also enhances MIMO performance capabilities, thus improving signal quality. This is achieved by positioning the antenna elements orthogonal to each other aligning with the +/-45-degree polarised signals received from most base station antennas and in turn, enhances throughput capacity giving the user the best possible cellular performance for their device. The TGX.04 has been designed for typical applications including gateways, routers and wireless access points that require, high efficiency and unrivalled performance.

The robust TGX.04 enclosure is IP67 rated and manufactured from ASA for exceptional mechanical performance. The bracket is designed to allow for multiple mounting options, including wall or pole or mounting and it is supplied with suction cups to facilitate glass mounting. All accessories for each mounting option are included with the product. The TGX.04 is an omnidirectional antenna, but the mounting bracket allows the user to position the antenna and lock it into place for optimal performance.

The TGC-200 cable and SMA(M) connector are fully customizable depending on your specific requirements. Contact your regional Taoglas customer support team for more information.

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