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Taoglas is proud to introduce our Magnetics series of products, designed to offer device OEMs a cost-effective solution to build their network solutions. The Taoglas Magnetics series includes RJ45 Integrated Connectors, LAN Transformers, and BMS Transformers that are compatible with all major PHY vendors with industry-standard footprint and pin layout.

Taoglas Magnetics go through high-volume automated production processes that ensure superior reliability and cost competitiveness. With these products, device OEMs can be assured of quality components that meet their design requirements and specifications.

The Taoglas Magnetics series is versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications. These include communication devices such as data centers, servers, switches, hubs, routers, cable modems. Industrial applications that use 5G gateways, robotics, and PLC machines can also benefit from the use of these components. Other sectors that can use Taoglas Magnetics are renewable energy systems such as solar inverters and controllers, healthcare devices such as connected medical devices, and security systems such as IP cameras, security surveillance systems, and VoIP.

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