4G LTE footprint compatible embedded antenna transition

Move from the popular 2G/3G PA.25A to the 2G/3G/4G PA.26A with the same board size and enclosure.

CTIA @ Sands, Las Vegas, NV. Taoglas, the leading provider of IoT (Internet of Things) and M2M (Machine to Machine) antenna solutions, today launched the PA.26A Anam antenna, a 4G LTE footprint compatible version of its hugely successful PA.25a Anam antenna.

The Anam series antennas are high efficiency onboard surface mount electro-ceramic PIFA antennas measuring 35*6*5mm. They are mounted on the main PCB and they achieve high efficiency in a small form factor by using the main PCB as the antenna ground plane.

“Our customers across many verticals love our PA.25A because it is a high performance, robust off-the-shelf antenna solution”, said Dermot O’Shea, Joint CEO at Taoglas. He added, “It is delivered on tape and reel and mounted during the standard reflow process just like a LGA or BGA cellular module. This antenna is currently the smallest high efficiency worldwide LTE antenna that can also pass operator certifications”. O’Shea continued, “This transition compliments the technique of cellular modules that have the same footprint for the module when moving from 3G to 4G. Now we have the same offering for our 3G embedded antenna customers for this top seller. You can just swap out the PA25A with the PA26A, check the matching again, and you can proceed”

Taoglas already have a very successful SMD antenna offering via their Warrior and Havok products. The worldwide patent pending PA.26A is ideal for existing PA.25A customers in order to fast track their transition to 4G LTE. Taoglas engineers worked tirelessly. New simulation and design techniques, and advances in material technology by our R&D facility in Taiwan enabled the extra bands and performance to be delivered in the same compact form factor.

The PA.26A is immediately available directly from Taoglas and will be stocked in distribution by November 2016.