Public Safety

Mobility and Infrastructure

At Taoglas, safety never takes a back seat.

We help mitigate the risk of communication failure during emergencies. Our sleek antennas support the latest global cellular bands and are ideal for use with first responder applications. We are committed to achieving the highest standards of quality with a goal of zero defects, and we are ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 certified.

Mobility and Infrastructure

Preparation is the cornerstone of public safety

Public safety responders’ at all levels need transparency and accountability, alongside the constant assurance of protection and safety of their team on the road. With the increasing reliance on connected technologies, public safety agencies are now up fitting their fleets to ensure they send and receive critical data when most needed.

C-V2X offers more efficient, sustainable, and safer transportation

C-V2X is the foundation for the future of transportation. It enables a wide variety of advanced applications, including fully autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles, enhanced safety, fleet platooning, more efficient use of roads, in-vehicle infotainment and more.

C-V2X is a future proof technology with many advantages

  • C-V2X will bring huge benefits for passengers and pedestrian safety, alongside traffic management
  • C-V2X brings higher performance for capacity, coverage, range, scalability, number of devices supported and security
  • Due to already available infrastructure, utilizing the full spectrum of the C-V2X service (V2V, V2I, V2P, V2N) can reduce total cost of ownership
  • Car manufacturers have substantial experience with cellular technologies and will easily make the step to integrate C-V2X chipsets into their cars

C-V2X Use Cases and Applications

Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V)

• Emergency vehicle warning
• Emergency stop
• Control loss warning
• Pre-crash sensing warning
• Forward collision warning
• Cooperative adaptive cruise control
• Wrong way driving warning

Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) and Vehicle-to-Network (V2N)

• Emergency Stop
• Queue warning
• Curve Speed warning
• Road Safety services
• Road user monitoring
• Remote diagnosis
• Traffic flow optimization

Vehicle-to-Person (V2P)

• Collision warning
• Pedestrian road safety
• Vulnerable road user safety

Crash avoidance - Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V)

Using our expertise in technologies such as high-precision GNSS, integrate high precision positioning into vehicles to automatically detect collision scenarios and warn drivers in real-time. We can integrate technologies that share information about driving behaviors and deliver cm-level positioning to autonomous vehicles.

Support Road Systems - Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I)

Share real-time data to change driver behavior based on information collected from traffic lights, signage, streetlights and more. For example, communicate road markings with automated vehicle sensors so drivers can detect them in even the most extreme weather conditions.

Increase Road User Safety - Vehicle to Pedestrian (V2P)

Utilize our experience in cellular connectivity, to exchange safety messages and alerts from vehicles to pedestrians, cyclists, and e-scooter users about the speed, location, and direction of an oncoming vehicle. For example, communicate in-vehicle warnings to drivers about a pedestrian on the upcoming roadway.

C-V2X is the technology of choice for active safety V2V/V2X systems.

Primarily allocated for vehicle safety applications, C-V2X supports high speed, low latency, short-range wireless communications.

Need to adjust the positioning or change the ground plane size? Customize your antennas and cables for optimal test and performance.

C-V2X is the technology of choice for <strong>active safety</strong> V2V/V2X systems.

Our Connectivity Solutions

We offer a full range of mission critical, high-performance antennas designed for public safety and surveillance situations. Incorporating the latest technology, Taoglas’ range of sleek antennas support all cellular bands including sub 6GHz 5G bands, LTE, and FirstNet Band 14, the UK’s ESN.

Antennas are available in combinations up to 17-in-1 with adhesive and permanent mounting options. Cable length and connectors are customizable.