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Breaking Barriers: Invisible Antennas Redefine Wireless Integration

Imagine the world of possibilities that having antennas seamlessly integrated into screens, windows and display applications would open – be it trains, buses, trucks, or even public safety and first responder vehicles.

Well, invisible antennas are the solution you’ve been searching for - they’re designed for display applications made of glass, plastic, or other clear materials.

In 2023, we launched our award-winning Taoglas Invisible Antenna™ range , and feedback from our customers and partners is that the possibilities are impressive. Let’s take a closer look at our three invisible antennas: TFX125 (GNSS), TFX62 (Cellular), and TFX257 (Wi-Fi).

Read on or watch our YouTube video and see if you can spot the invisible antenna hidden in Dermot’s office.


1. Seamless Connectivity Across Bands: Multi-Band GNSS Invisible Antenna

Starting with TFX125, the multi-band GNSS variant of the Taoglas Invisible Antenna – a beacon of precision in location-based services and covert connectivity. From public transportation to personal vehicles, this invisible antenna enables unparalleled accuracy for navigation and tracking applications and connectivity without compromising aesthetics.

2. Stay Connected Anywhere: Cellular Invisible Antenna

Next up, we have TFX62, the cellular variant of the Taoglas Invisible Antenna designed to redefine how we think about Cellular connectivity. This discreet antenna provides a powerful 5G wideband Cellular connection directly from the window. Picture this: a seamless integration that remains unnoticed on surfaces like windows in buses, trucks, and even your personal vehicle. The future of cellular connectivity is clear.

3. Elevate Your Wi-Fi Experience: Wi-Fi Invisible Antenna

Last, but certainly not least, we look at the TFX257, the Wi-Fi variant of the Taoglas Invisible Antenna. This antenna is a game-changer for Wi-Fi applications, seamlessly blending into displays and surfaces. Whether you’re enhancing connectivity in digital signage or optimizing Wi-Fi performance on unconventional devices like parking meters, the TFX257 ensures reliable, high-speed connectivity.


Taoglas Transparency: A True IoT Innovation

Invisible antennas are incredibly discreet – you won’t notice them unless you actively search for them. They are different from regular translucent antennas because they’re made from a real, transparent film. Plus, they’ve been tested, approved, and are in volume production.

Have you ever considered putting an antenna on digital signage or a parking meter? Well, now you can. The installation is straightforward – simply peel-and-stick the antenna directly onto the display. For example, you can discreetly place a 5G wideband cellular antenna on an office window – that’s what we call IoT innovation!

Your Gateway to a Connected Future

Excitingly, we have a range of these groundbreaking antennas available on our website and through our channel partners and distributors. So, if you’ve been searching for the next big thing in connectivity, look no further – invisible antennas are here, and they’re ready to redefine how we think about integrating antennas into our daily lives.

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