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Employee Spotlight

Meet Carlos

Carlos is a lead RF Engineer who takes on the role of team lead at our San Diego office. His primary focus revolves around engineering excellence and problem solving in the intricate world of antenna development. While leading a team of RF engineers, Carlos drives innovation and technical advancements through product development and customer partnership.

Why did you choose to work at Taoglas?

Taoglas is in the top niche of the wireless technology. Although it is an antenna company, the work we develop here impacts so many other aspects of wireless technology. This is why being at Taoglas is always a joy.

My first contact with Taoglas was as a consultant for a customer project being developed. I, on behalf of Taoglas, helped the customer solve their EMC and RSE issues allowing them to pass all certifications. After that, Taoglas offered me a full-time position here in San Diego.

How has Taoglas supported you in your career?

Taoglas has been very supportive of my personal growth and development which allowed me to become a more professional and prepared engineer tackling more complex and challenging projects. Thanks to Taoglas, I have learned vastly more about the wireless technology business. I have had the chance to participate in courses, training sessions, forums, trade shows, and all sorts of other events that are part of this growth.

What advice do you have for people just starting out in their career in your field?

To never stop learning, this field is evolving fast, and more technologies arise every second. With new technologies, new challenges also present, so it is invaluable and totally, absolutely necessary to be updated on the new RF and antenna topics. Always read and listen. We can learn more by listening to the experts in the fields of interest. Also, it is very important to participate in as many activities as possible around the company, from social to scientific to engineering activities.
Do the job with passion; love what you do and contemplate and enjoy the results!

What motivates you at work?

Working on all sorts of different projects is a strong drive. I never stop learning, and I am always working with new devices, posing ideas that I never thought were possible to develop. Also, helping customers to succeed provides great joy and positive energy.

Before joining Taoglas what other roles did you hold?

I was mostly involved in education and research at University, developing projects in the Robotics and Mechatronics field. I was teaching subjects such as Calculus (all kind), Control Theory, Robotics, System Dynamics, etc.

How are we different from other companies?

We care about our customers; we take their projects very seriously and handle those projects as if they were ours. We focus our efforts on providing quality products and quality services. Our customers’ success is also our success!

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