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Employee Spotlight

Meet En-Jie

En-Jie Chen, our Material Control Specialist in Tainan, Taiwan, spearheads the flow of materials in our Tainan facility by tracking shortages, managing deliveries, overseeing customer-supplied materials, and establishing requisitions. Her role includes optimizing production schedules and warehouse arrangements and fostering supplier relationships for efficient material procurement and processing.

Meet En-Jie


Why did you choose to work at Taoglas?

At the beginning, I joined as a warehouse administrator (I am now a material control specialist). The working environment of the warehouse at Taoglas is very good in comparison to other companies I know in the area. It’s a very safe environment and air-conditioned. Managers are always open-to-talk, and the company culture lets me perform flexibly if the results are as expected.

What advice do you have for people just starting out in their career in your field?

I am a material control specialist now. For those starting out, I think knowing all the products and understanding all the materials used for producing these products is very important to this role. With this knowledge you can then begin to optimize the material control. Being detail-oriented and having great communication skills is an absolute advantage as a material planner.

What motivates you at work?

Whenever I meet tough challenges or situations that seem unsolvable, the management team is always there and very supportive. It provides me with the confidence to perform my role. There are also a lot of new product releases in the Tainan Factory, so we continue to see different challenges all the time. This keeps things interesting and keeps me motivated.

Before joining Taoglas what other roles did you hold?

I have been working in the supply chain field for 9 years. I started as a part-time process worker in senior high school. I also have experience as a frontline leader in production; I then got the opportunity to be trained in production planning, so I also worked as a production planner for 1-2 years. Right before I joined Taoglas, I was a warehouse administrator.

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