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Employee Spotlight

Meet Joli Chen

As a Project Manager in our Taoyuan production facility, Joli oversees successful projects from NPI (New Product Introduction) to mass production. She is also responsible for ensuring our ISO9001 and IATF16949 processes are being followed from beginning to end. She does this by creating short and long term plans, setting targets for milestones, adhering to deadlines, and allocating resources.

Meet Joli

Before joining Taoglas what other roles did you hold?

After graduation, I was a SWRD Engineer for a short time.  I found I was more interested in interacting with people and working with the team to achieve goals together, rather than facing the computer for most of the time.  Since then, I have been working in project management.  Even though the products and services are different, I am very confident in the direction of my career.

Why did you choose to work at Taoglas?

I like to push myself with new challenges and love to gain new knowledge. I think Taoglas has a great international team and a positive work environment. It is also a company that cares about employees.

Tell me about your role within Taoglas?

Being a project manager at Taoglas, I play a key role in facilitating cross-departmental communication, whilst leading my project team members to focus on their own roles. This ultimately enables us to launch new products and provide the most suitable solution to our customers.

Why do you enjoy working at Taoglas?

Taoglas has great culture and a great team. I know each colleague is professional and passionate at work. Due to this friendly working environment, I know I am not fighting alone!

How are we different from other companies?

All the companies I have worked for have their own advantages and cultures. I think Taoglas is different from other companies due to their strong expertise in antenna technology and their speedy response and flexibilities to deliver the best experience to customers.

How has Taoglas supported you in your career?

At Taoglas, I have great and experienced colleagues who always provide their suggestions to support me and catch any mistakes. I also think Taoglas gives me the opportunity to expand my career.

What advice do you have for people just starting out in their career in your field?

I always feel that within PM (Project Management), the P is not just for the word “project”.  For a perfect project we also need to know the process, know the procedure, and know the product from the beginning to production. Knowing these three things helps communication within the team. The most important part “P” is people. Project management should be focused on teamwork, and when we have basic logic, we can communicate with team members and lead the team to achieve the same goal.

What motivates you at work?

There are always interesting things to motivate us and learn. As one of the top companies in the industry, we need to know the latest technology and industry trends. The company holds lots of internal activities which enables us to exchange experiences and knowledge across different departments. All these things motivate me at work.

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