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Employee Spotlight

Meet Paul Liu

As the RF Product Lead for Taoglas, Paul leverages his previous experience in antenna engineering, technical sales, and product marketing to drive the development of our industry-leading RF products and antennas. Thriving in a dynamic and innovative environment, Paul formulates product strategy and collaborates with cross-functional teams such as engineering to ensure quality and performance.

Paul Liu - Spotlight Employee

Before joining Taoglas what other roles did you hold?

Before joining Taoglas, I worked as an antenna engineer, a technical sales representative and in product marketing management.

Why did you choose to work at Taoglas?

A lot of great people work here. The team atmosphere is good. They focus on making good products and are innovative with both product design and operation. The company is still growing; it’s a global organization; and it is working hard to build its own brand image and value. All things I find very exciting to be a part of!

Tell me about your role within Taoglas?

I am responsible for the formulation and implementation of plans for important products or product items. By evaluating market research reports, I point out current features and functional improvements in our own products. I then interact with engineers, designers, suppliers and customers to determine product requirements and specifications.

Why do you enjoy working at Taoglas?

It feels good to apply my skills in a company that is always dynamic and is committed to their product’s value and quality.

How are we different from other companies?

Taoglas has industry-leading products with no false marketing or features. When working, there is flexible decision-making so I can always have full confidence moving forward with a product.

How has Taoglas supported you in your career?

Working for Taoglas has provided an environment and opportunity for me to learn things that I am interested in. Working with something you care about makes the job much easier and enjoyable because I feel I am learning and growing.

What advice do you have for people just starting out in their career in your field?

Try to absorb as much information in the industry as possible, keep your mind open to thinking objectively, and trying to understand the product in your field as widely as possible.

What motivates you at work?

I want to be a person who can lead the team or the company to continuously breakthrough and grow.


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