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Taoglas and Embedded Works Help Helium’s Crypto-Miners Optimize Coverage and Revenue

About Embedded Works

Embedded Works is a technology solutions provider specializing in wireless and Internet of Things (IoT) markets. For over 16 years, companies ranging from startups to Fortune 5000 enterprises have turned to Embedded Works to consult on the right wireless components, LTE data plans, antennas, and turnkey IoT solutions.

The Challenge

Embedded Works provides wireless gateways, known as “Hotspots or miners” for use on Helium, a global, distributed network that utilizes blockchain technology which allows for crypto-mining via a decentralized wireless network. Helium users install a Hotspot at their home or business, where it serves as a gateway for Helium enabled IoT devices. They earn Helium Net Tokens (HNTs) two ways: for the data that their devices send and receive over the Helium network, and for participating in “Proof-of-Coverage,” a process that verifies the location of other nearby Helium Hotspots, also known as Witnesses. Users can trade their HNTs on cryptocurrency exchanges for dollars, euros and other currencies.
The Helium network uses the ISM spectrum, which is in the 915 MHz band in the U.S. to maximize coverage — and thus the amount of HNTs they can earn. Helium crypto-miners frequently install their gateway’s antenna on rooftops, in trees and other high, outdoor places. That’s why Embedded Works wanted to equip its KST Affinity Enterprise Helium Miner gateway with a high-performance antenna that also would be rugged enough to withstand freezing rain, direct sunlight and high winds.

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