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Taoglas Helps Withthegrid Make Utilities Smarter

About WiththeGrid

As temperatures continue to rise and the effects of climate change become increasingly apparent, we know one of the biggest drivers of positive, sustainable change is IoT driven technologies. One of the areas IoT has the ability to completely transform is energy networks.

To achieve a fully sustainable energy system, utilities need to provide a safe and efficient energy grid. Based in The Netherlands, Withthegrid has launched a low cost asset monitoring platform to help utility customers transition to a fully integrated, intelligent grid. Through the use of connected devices, the company monitors critical infrastructure to detect anomalies and create follow-up actions for the technical personnel.

The Challenge

To ensure its IoT solutions are reliable and able to help utilities detect issues more quickly, Withthegrid required a high-performance yet ruggedized cellular antenna to handle a wide range of environmental conditions, often found in metering applications.