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Hurricanes. Wildfires. Floods. Ice storms. Extreme weather is a major reason why hospitals, oil and gas providers, data center operators and other enterprises worldwide are increasingly deploying gensets to ensure business continuity.

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Blog: Transforming Power Gensets with Real-Time Monitoring and Management 30

Traditionally, farmers, and wood pellet and biomass users have manually inspected the level of feed or pellets in silos to avoid running out. Suppliers would accept feed orders with the need for orders to be delivered within 24 hours of the phone call, in most cases. This inefficient, emergency delivery process has a negative logistics cost of over €2 billion globally, on average, per year.

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Case Study: Silo Monitoring with Smart Sensor IoT Solution 32

Electric scooter sharing programs are a global phenomenon, with millions of them hitting city streets and college campuses from Portland, Oregon, to Paris, France. Scooters have matured well beyond a child’s driveway toy. They are an easy-to-use, low-cost, environmentally friendly first- and last-mile transportation solution for cities. Those same cities have also had challenges with […]

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OJo Scooter

LADSensors Harnesses the Power of LoRa and Taoglas Technology to Fight Wildfires It is crucial that a fire is caught as soon as possible in order to control it, saving forests and saving lives. However, many wildfires simmer for hours before they are detected, and by then have grown into a larger fire that is […]

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There are lots of inventors, developers and makers who have an idea for an IoT solution, but don’t have a platform over which they can design prototypes and test ideas quickly and cost-effectively  in an open source fashion. The mangOH open source hardware program was founded by Sierra Wireless to make it easier for IoT […]

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Taoglas Antennas Connect the MangOH Open-Source Cellular Platform to Simplify and Accelerate IoT Development and Adoption 40