Taoglas Launches New iDAS Antennas to Boost Indoor Connectivity

SAN DIEGO & BARCELONA-(BUSINESS WIRE)-Taoglas, a leading provider of IoT and automotive antenna and RF solutions, today announced the launch of the Taoglas iDAS antennas with superior PIM ratings, two new MIMO LTE antennas designed for use in indoor distribution antenna systems (iDAS) to address in-building coverage issues and increasing demand for constant connectivity for […]

Taoglas and CalAmp Power OjO to Revolutionize the Electric Scooter Market

Electric scooter sharing programs are a global phenomenon, with millions of them hitting city streets and college campuses from Portland, Oregon, to Paris, France. Scooters have matured well beyond a child’s driveway toy. They are an easy-to-use, low-cost, environmentally friendly first- and last-mile transportation solution for cities. Those same cities have also had challenges with […]

Taoglas Requires DVTest and its Distributors and Retailers to Cease and Desist from Selling Knockoff Products

Taoglas strengthens its enforcement of Global IP Rights around its Industry-Leading Antenna Solutions SAN DIEGO – December 27, 2018 – Taoglas Group Holdings Ltd., today announced that it has discovered and stopped another imitator of Taoglas’ innovative, high-quality products that was offering knockoff infringing – inferior products to its customers. Among its numerous products, Taoglas […]

LADSensors Harnesses the Power of LoRa and Taoglas Technology to Fight Wildfires

LADSensors Harnesses the Power of LoRa and Taoglas Technology to Fight Wildfires It is crucial that a fire is caught as soon as possible in order to control it, saving forests and saving lives. However, many wildfires simmer for hours before they are detected, and by then have grown into a larger fire that is […]