Connected Health

Improve patient health

Connected health can maximize healthcare resources and provide improved health and patient care inside and outside of the hospital or doctor’s office. Connected health technology creates the ability to provide healthcare services remotely and aims to make accurate, actionable information available in a timely manner for patients and caregivers. Benefits for the Medtech industry include:

Image for Improving Patient Health

Improving Patient Health

Image for Better Medical Decisions

Better Medical Decisions

Image for Improved Clinical Workflows

Improved Clinical Workflows

Image for Greater Levels of Security

Greater Levels of Security

Image for Cost Savings

Cost Savings

Application Areas

Connected health encompasses a variety of different applications including programs in telehealth, remote care, disease and lifestyle management examples include: 

Customize Your IoT Solution

In addition to Taoglas’ vast, cost-efficient IoT product range, we can design and create custom end-to-end IoT solutions for you based on your specific solutions requirements. Taoglas is there from the initial strategy definition right through to the design, build, deployment and management of projects and can provide:

Image for Integration and Sensor Fusion

Integration and Sensor Fusion

IoT experts will help you design the complete solutions stack integrating cameras, sensors, radios and antennas.

Image for Full System Design

Full System Design

Firmware, edge processing, cloud hosting, 5G/4G, device and data management, ML/AI, end-to-end security and power management.

Image for Solution Training and Manufacturing

Solution Training and Manufacturing

We offer world-class design, implementation, testing and optimization services. Taoglas is ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 certified.

Image for Taoglas Insights™ Cloud Platform

Taoglas Insights™ Cloud Platform

The Taoglas Insights™ platform provides real-time data, analytics and insights to support digital transformation across various vertical solutions.

Taoglas Insights™ Cloud platform

At the centre of the Taoglas’ connected health solutions is our cloud-based platform the Taoglas Insights™. It allows for flexible, reliable and efficient gathering of data and life-cycle management of Taoglas connected health devices and provides real-time data and insights to support digital transformation across various connected health solutions.

Case Studies


HealthBeacon is the world’s leading digital health platform for injectable medications.

Taoglas worked with HealthBeacon to provide the critical infrastructure and technologies to realize the solution.

Taoglas’ EDGE IoT hardware combined with Taoglas Insights™ platform, provides a scalable end-to-end solution for easy control, maintenance and secure management of patient management devices.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Enabling healthcare professionals to make better informed decisions

Taoglas can provide advanced connectivity technologies for home monitoring systems, allowing providers and healthcare professionals access to real-time updates.

Connected smart drug devices

For better medication adherence

Taoglas can equip smart drug devices with built-in Bluetooth wireless sensors and can set up providers with an accompanying cloud platform (desktop and mobile app) for real time, actionable insights.

Taoglas’ connected health solutions can bridge the gap between patient, provider, and patient health via world-leading technology. IoT allows providers to solve some of the most complex healthcare challenges, in return transforming patient care and improving services and patient health.

Dermot O’ Shea,
Co-CEO and Founder, Taoglas

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