Design & Test Services

Taoglas Next-Gen IoT Services help our customers with its digital transformation programs by reducing the risks and time associated with creating and integrating new technologies. Taoglas is your one-stop-shop of IoT experts helping you with fast time-to-value and offering you the entire value chain of services and products to realize your IoT programs.

Our hardware and software engineering team specialize in providing design and testing services. Whether we work to augment our existing off-the-shelf IoT solutions or work with you for a complete custom RF and antenna design and/or testing project, Taoglas has the expertise and capabilities to get you to market fast and cost-effectively.

Taoglas Service Flow Diagrams

Before you begin your project, Taoglas recommend you consult our Initial System Analysis, before proceeding to the Design and testing phase, providing a typical workflow to guide you through each process, for your better understanding of our unique approach to the strategy, design, build, deployment and management of your needs.

  • ISA.100 IoT Solution Initial System Analysis

  • HLD.10 IoT Device Hardware High Level Design and Project Plan

  • HLD.20 IoT Device Firmware High Level Design and Project Plan