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Preparation is the Cornerstone of Public Safety

We are a leading provider of advanced technology for a smarter World. Our solutions include advanced components and technologies and are designed for the demanding, mission critical requirements of first responders and public safety professionals.

We offer a full range of high performance antennas for the UK’s Emergency Services Network (ESN), built on the existing EE LTE network for all voice functions and high-speed mobile broadband data. ESN, initiated by the Home Office, will replace the current Airwave system and become the basis of all communication for over 300,000 frontline users from police, fire and rescue, and ambulance services, as well as coast guard, local authorities, and utility services.

Taoglas’ range of ESN compatible antennas are ready and designed for maximum reliability, stability of connection and signal throughput on these dedicated LTE Bands. We have utilised years of experience, working with public safety bodies globally, to develop the industries widest range of public safety antennas.

We ensure that our antennas are future proofed with wide bandwidth and MIMO capabilities once installed, guarantee years of reliability. See the links below to our portfolio of high-performance, multi-function ESN vehicle antennas providing, 5G, 4G/LTE, Tetra, GPS and Wi-Fi for emergency service and public safety vehicles.

Vehicle Products

Antennas are available in combinations up to 17-in-1 with adhesive and permanent mounting options.
Cable length and connectors are customizable.


MA1270 Raptor III High Performance 7-in-1 Shark Fin Style Combination Antenna

MA1270 provides multiple antenna connections in a sleek, covert enclosure and is suitable for all automotive and commercial trucking applications.

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MA1508.AK .001

MA1508 Synergy 8-in-1 Combination Antenna – GNSS, 4*5G/4G Cellular & 3*Wi-Fi with 5m Braided Cable Assembly

MA1508 is a 8-in-1 next-generation permanent mount antenna for vehicle roof applications. It has a fully IP67 rated waterproof robust PC enclosure and base.

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MA9917 – GuardianX 17-in-1 Adhesive Mount Combination Antenna with GNSS, 8*5G/4G Cellular MIMO and 8* Wi-Fi 6 MIMO

MA9917.A is a 17-in-1 combination antenna that combines all 17 antenna elements in one low-profile heavy-duty, IP67 rated waterproof, adhesive mount external enclosure.

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MA952.A.LBIVW .001

MA952 Guardian 5in1 Adhesive Mount 4*5G/4G MIMO GNSS Antenna

The MA952 Guardian is a next generation 5in1 combination antenna. It is the world-first panel antenna designed for IoT Gateway and Router devices with multiple wireless technologies.

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On-Demand Webinar:

Preparing public safety for the 3G sunset and the dawn of 5G – Futureproofing fleets for always-on connectivity

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On-Demand Webinar:

Mobile Public Safety – Multicarrier Challenges and Solutions

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Taoglas Announces Public Safety Portfolio to Assist with Reliability and Flexibility of Coverage as Mobile Operators Launch 5G, Shut Down 3G and Refarm Spectrum

Press Release:

Preparing public safety for the 3G sunset and the dawn of 5G – Futureproofing fleets for always-on connectivity

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