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EDGE Connect™

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EDGE Locate™

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EDGE IoT Starter Kit

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  • Enables real-time insights and intelligence to help your enterprise save costs, increase revenue and enhance compliance
  • Makes complex IoT simple
  • The Taoglas® EDGE portfolio is highly modular and supports a vast variety of IoT deployment scenarios out-of-the-box

Taoglas® EDGE Portfolio helps you build advanced IoT solutions in an instant. With a flexible offering covering most connectivity, global positioning standards and sensors, the Taoglas® EDGE portfolio is a complete edge-to-cloud enablement platform comprised of hardware, a cloud-based management platform and connectivity.

Completely built from the ground up, Taoglas® makes complex IoT simple by providing both finished IoT devices for immediate deployment, as well as EDGE IoT Starter Kits you can use for fast prototyping — helping you reduce the cost and complexity of introducing IoT strategies.

With real-time insights and intelligence, the Taoglas® EDGE portfolio can help your organization realize operational cost savings, enhance compliance, and drive optimization and new revenue opportunities.

Our EDGE product series is delivered with the Taoglas® EDGE Insights™ cloud-based software platform for easy activation, real-time data management and a complete IoT security stack.


Taoglas® IoT Design Services

Our hardware and software engineering team specialize in providing design services. Whether we work to augment our existing off-the-shelf Taoglas EDGE solutions, such as the EDGE Connect and EDGE IoT Starter Kit to accommodate your specific needs, or work with you for a complete custom IoT design project, Taoglas has the expertise and capabilities to get you to market fast and cost-effectively.


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