How to Pass Cellular Certification the First Time

Designing an optimized RF device is inherently difficult, as it depends on many electrical and mechanical parameters. As an expert in testing RF devices, Taoglas utilizes our experienced engineers, unparalleled range of antennas and real industry experience to aid our customers with a reliable process and enable their products to succeed.

In this webinar, you’ll learn the key metrics for cellular certification – TRP, TIS, RSIC, and RSE – in addition to:

  • Antenna integration basics
  • How to ensure there is no self-interference within the device
  • How to mitigate radiated spurious emissions

This webinar is geared toward engineers who are involved in developing cellular or other wireless products.

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Dave Ghilarducci

Vice President, Engineering

Dave has over 30 years of experience and joins Taoglas from Quectel, where he was the National Director of Technical Sales. Previously, he has held senior positions at CalAmp, Wavecom and Insight Electronics.

Pat Frank

Principal RF Engineer

Pat has more than 10 years of IoT and RF engineering experience and holds a B.S.E.E from Minnesota State University, Mankato. He has expertise in RF design, testing, and debugging of LTE systems, GNSS products, mmWave products, and smart antennas and has worked on wireless and RF product designs across many industries.