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Measuring the Heights of Accuracy: GNSS Testing from a Dublin Rooftop 

GNSS Testing

Innovation meets the open sky at the Taoglas office in Dublin, a vantage point good not just for its panoramic city views but also as a perfect testing point for our GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) antennas, which are essential for our static testing services.

Why a roof?

An open sky enables the antennas to receive signals from as many GNSS satellites as possible. By simulating real-world conditions, this condition is crucial for precise and accurate testing, ensuring that our antennas meet the highest quality and performance standards. These tests span 6 hours on a static rooftop setup, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation before they undergo additional testing in our anechoic chambers.

Advanced Testing Equipment

At the heart of our testing process is the GNSS test box, equipped with multiple GNSS receivers, such as the ZED-F9P u-Blox module and a mini-PC. This setup is designed for efficiency, enabling remote operation of the tests from start to finish and streamlining our testing process. The box is weatherproof and designed for long-term, over-time testing of antennas.

Check out our video below, in which Antenna Engineer Lukas Van Vuuren gives an overview of how we perform these tests. In the video, the ADFGP.60 and the SynergyX 9-in-1 combination antenna are undergoing L1/L5 testing to ensure accuracy across various GNSS frequencies.

Data Analysis and Reporting

Once data collection is complete, we use custom in-house software to process the raw data, transforming it into detailed reports that offer insights into the antenna’s performance. This step allows us to understand the capabilities of the device under test and areas of improvement.

Would you like to learn more about GNSS antennas? Check out our Essential Guide on GNSS antennas at the link below.

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