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Taoglas Announces The Most Comprehensive Portfolio of Next Generation Wi-Fi 6 Antennas

Taoglas®, a leading enabler of digital transformation through IoT, today announced its portfolio of antennas supporting the next generation Wi-Fi 6 standard. Devices with Wi-Fi 6 increase the speed, efficiency and data transfers compared with previous Wi-Fi standards and is designed to reduce congestion in heavy bandwidth usage scenarios.

According to an announcement from The Federal Communications Commission on April 23rd, 2020, Wi-Fi 6 will “play a major role in the growth of the Internet of Things.  Wi-Fi 6 will be over two-and-a-half times faster than the current standard and will offer better performance for American consumers.  Opening the 6 GHz band for unlicensed use will also increase the amount of spectrum available for Wi-Fi by nearly a factor of five and help improve rural connectivity.”

The additional 7 GHz spectrum provided in Wi-Fi 6 results in a 32 percent additional bandwidth requirement on the antenna side.

“The increase in bandwidth and the continued increase in MIMO order — with more channels resulting in more antennas — creates additional complexities when designing Wi-Fi antennas, We are proud to be on the forefront of next generation technologies and introduce the most comprehensive and leading portfolio of Wi-Fi 6 antennas in the industry.” -Ronan Quinlan, Co-CEO and Founder of Taoglas

Taoglas has a wide range of high performing Wi-Fi antennas for any application. With the introduction of Wi-Fi 6, Taoglas has currently updated 20 existing and new high-efficiency wideband Wi-Fi products to support the newly established bandwidth from 5 to 7.125 GHz and is working to expand its Wi-Fi 6 portfolio even further during the second half of 2020.

Available in various mounting options including embedded SMD, embedded flex PCB, terminal mount and outdoor permanent mount, examples of commercially available Wi-Fi 6 capable products from Taoglas include:

  • FXP524, 4xMIMO Flex PCB Antenna – 2.4 / 5 – 7.125GHz
  • FXP840, Micro Flex PCB Antenna – 2.4 / 5 – 7.125GHz
  • GW.05, RP-SMA(M) Hinged Monopole Antenna – 2.4 / 5 – 7.125GHz
  • SDWA.01, SMD Mount Ceramic Antenna – 2.4 / 5 – 7.125GHz
  • WDMP.2458, 5G Terminal Mount Antenna – 2.4 / 5 – 7.125GHz
  • MA510, Hercules 2xMIMO Permanent Mount – 2.4 / 5 – 7.125GHz
  • MA530,  Ultima 2*MIMO Permanent Mount – 2.4 / 5 – 7.125GHz
  • MA210.K.CG.001, Optimus 2in1 Wi-Fi MIMO – 2.4 / 5 – 7.125GHz
  • Synergy Series, Permanent Mount Combination Antennas
  • Steedan Series, Magnetic Mount Combination Antennas
  • MA910 Guardian, Adhesive Mount 2-in-1 Wi-Fi MIMO – 2.4 / 5 – 7.125GHz
  • FXP522, 2xMIMO Flex PCB Antenna – 2.4 / 5 – 7.125GHz
  • FXP523, 3xMIMO Flex PCB Antenna – 2.4 / 5 – 7.125GHz
  • MA9917 GuardianX, 17-in-1 with 1GNSS, 8 5G/4G MIMO, 8 Wi-Fi MIMO – 2.4 / 5 – 7.125GHz
  • FXP830, Flex PCB Antenna – 2.4 / 5 – 7.125GHz

In addition to these off-the-shelf Wi-Fi 6 antennas, Taoglas also offers tuned and customised solutions.

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Taoglas is a leading enabler of digital transformation using IoT from initial strategy definition to design, build, deployment and managed services. Our solutions combine high-performance RF design with advanced positioning, imaging, audio and artificial intelligence technologies for organizations solving critical problems using IoT. A nimble and efficient approach which mobilizes quickly makes Taoglas a trusted advisor helping customers regardless of where they are on their IoT journey. With world-class design, consultancy and engineering expertise, along with support and test centers globally, Taoglas delivers complex IoT solutions to market quickly and cost effectively. Taoglas has proven expertise globally across the transportation, connected healthcare, smart cities and smart building industries.

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