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Taoglas Demonstrates Warehouse Staging Area Capacity Solution at Mobile World Congress LA Using Latest Machine Vision Technologies

Taoglas®, a leading enabler of digital transformation through IoT, today announces its new Taoglas EDGE Vision™ technology – that will revolutionise processes for numerous vertical IoT applications. Taoglas’ EDGE Vision™ platform is the foundation that can help OEMs and enterprises realize seamless and digitized management of workflows, ensuring process safety, quality, and reduced business costs with the help of machine vision AI technologies.

To illustrate the capabilities of Taoglas’ highly experienced machine vision AI engineering team, Taoglas is demonstrating an interactive version of this technology at the Mobile World Congress event in LA with a warehouse staging area capacity solution. The solution provides real-time monitoring, reporting and alerts which allows warehouse management to monitor the number of packages or pallets in loading docks and goods inward and outward areas to prevent overloading or physical bottlenecks. The warehouse staging area capacity solution can be created to alert via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or cellular when available capacity exceeds criteria. This can be set at required levels allowing immediate response to circumvent a potential problem escalating.

Taoglas’ EDGE Vision maximises operational efficiency by giving businesses real-time, transformational decision-making capabilities, across a variety of different industries from automotive, waste management, e-mobility, industrial to transportation and logistics.

Cameras are the ultimate IoT sensor, but computer vision and AI projects can be particularly complex. Taoglas is a global leader in IoT and has a team of world-class, award-winning IoT Engineers who apply their deep understanding of high-performance antenna and RF design, advanced positioning, imaging, audio, and artificial intelligence technologies to design connected, easy-to-use, low-power, secure and market-ready solutions.

“Taoglas is excited to now offer its customers our cutting-EDGE Vision technology, bringing affordable complex machine vision solutions into mass-market applications such as transportation, industrial, e-mobility, waste management and beyond,” said Fergal Brennan, Head of Engineering, Taoglas. “The Taoglas Machine Vision AI approach utilizes a combination of images and on-board sensor information such as precise-positioning, shock, vibration, temperature, air pressure, CO2 levels, ambient light, speed and altitude. Our world-class team utilises its experience and expertise to develop a machine vision solution for you that gets to market on time, the first time.”

“Machine vision is about to take the market by storm and is projected to reach a value of $2.4 billion by 2025. Taoglas already implement and optimize machine vision AI solutions for the world’s largest organisations, including top tier OEM’s and we’re seeing an increasing demand for this technology in quality inspection and the automation of human-intensive processes,” said Ronan Quinlan, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Taoglas. “Taoglas’ EDGE Vision™ AI capabilities include firmware, hardware, software and analytics, which combine neural inference, spatial AI, and feature tracking and our team of IoT Engineering experts are here to make your vision a reality, by reducing the risks and time associated with properly integrating three-dimensional vision directly into your device.”

From the initial strategy definition through to the design, build, deployment and management of your solution, Taoglas offers the complete solution stack for your machine vision AI project. You can choose to work on any element, including vision chip technology (Nvidia Jetson, Intel Movidius, Ambarella etc), base vision models (OpenCV, OpenVINO etc) and your full system requirements; firmware updates, edge processing, cloud hosting and power management design. Taoglas Machine Vision Services include:

  • 2D and 3D vision design
  • Integrating Cellular, GNSS and Machine Vision
  • Optics and Illumination Design
  • CV hardware and firmware
  • Low power embedded designs
  • Machine and deep learning algorithm development
  • Depth Sensing and Sensor integration
  • Platform integration and support

To see Taoglas’ new products and services please visit us at Mobile World Congress, Los Angeles CA at booth #1818. Taoglas will demonstrate its EDGE Vision platform at Mobile World Congress, Los Angeles with a newly developed warehouse staging area capacity solution providing real-time actionable intelligence to optimize workflows, assets and monitor everything from cargo height and cubic volume utilization to unused space.

Alternatively, you can visit to learn more.

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