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Taoglas is pleased to expand collaboration with Panasonic Industry on the PAN9019 and PAN9019A wireless modules

Panasonic Industry Europe's Wireless Connectivity department just announced its entry into the realm of Wi-Fi 6 technology with the launch of PAN9019 and PAN9019A wireless modules. These modules, built on NXP's IW611 and IW612 chips respectively, mark a significant leap forward in wireless connectivity solutions - and elevate Panasonic Industry to the ranks of the protagonists of the most modern wireless industry standard.

Panasonic Industry provides an approved antenna list featuring Taoglas antennas to further enhance customisation and flexibility. Moreover, each evaluation kit comes equipped with an FXP830 pre-certified flex PCB antenna from Taoglas, guaranteeing optimal performance out of the box.

For more information, read the full press release on Panasonic Industry Europe's website here.

Collaboration with Panasonic

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