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Taoglas Launches its Waste Insights Solution in North America to Enable Cities and Enterprises Transition to a More Sustainable World

Taoglas®, a leading provider of advanced technology for a smarter World, today launched its Taoglas Waste Insights™ solution for the North American market. Taoglas Waste Insights has been the leading waste management solution in Australia for the past decade. It’s an industry leading, comprehensive offering for cities and enterprises to gather actionable insights and successful outcomes towards a more cost-effective and sustainable operation.

Taoglas is also establishing a Smart Waste Center of Excellence in North America to meet the growing demand for greater efficiencies in waste management. It is estimated approximately 22% of the cities in the United States and Canada have already implemented strategic programs, compared to just 7% of cities, worldwide. The Center of Excellence will focus on research and development towards an expanded portfolio of products and solutions in the waste management sector.

The Taoglas Waste Insights solution provides real-time data analytics to optimize waste monitoring and collection processes, leading to savings of up 80% in waste collections and reductions in CO2 emissions. Combining a range of smart bin sensors with an intelligent waste management platform and in-vehicle navigation, the Taoglas Waste Insights alerts waste collectors when waste containers are full and require collecting. In addition, it provides waste collectors with access to an intuitive pickup route feature and predictive collection modelling – allowing waste collectors to maximize the use of their resources and minimize costs.

Commenting on the announcement, Ronan Quinlan, CEO and Co-Founder of Taoglas said “We are delighted to be launching Taoglas Waste Insights in North America at CES. With this platform, a city or enterprise can manage — for the first time — not just some but all its waste assets together, getting a clear picture on where resources should be spent and what is working and what is not. As a company, we are also very conscious of our impact on climate change. A solution that contributes towards a significant reduction in CO2 emissions, is what we have here. Less garbage trucks on the roads, more convenient managed recycling, leading to a much cleaner cityscape.”

“We are focused on changing the way waste management is done forever,” said Leon Hayes, GM and SVP of Taoglas Advanced Technologies Business Unit. “The operational and infrastructure cost savings provided by our solution, as well as the environmental impact in emissions, noise pollution and fuel savings are significant. With decades of experience in the industry, we understand our customer requirements and Taoglas Waste Insights is custom designed to address cities and enterprises specific needs,” Mr. Hayes continued.

To find out more information about the Taoglas Waste Insights solution please visit Taoglas’ booth at CES #10121 or or schedule a demonstration of the platform by contacting Taoglas regional sales team.

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