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Taoglas Whitepaper: Multipath Analysis Using Code-Minus-Carrier - Technique in GNSS Antennas 

GNSS multipath mitigation, also known as GPS multipath mitigation, refers to the process of minimizing or correcting errors caused by signal diffraction or reflection from objects surrounding the receiver rather than receiving signals directly from satellites. This phenomenon is particularly problematic in environments with many reflective surfaces, such as urban landscapes with buildings, vehicles, people, etc, which can cause signal reflections and affect the Time-To-First-Fix (TTFF) performance and accuracy of determining the position in the real-world.

To address this issue, efforts are made to reduce or minimize the multipath effect. Traditional GNSS receivers often struggle with effectively processing multipath signals. However, advancements in antenna design have shown promise in mitigating these effects, thereby enhancing receiver performance. This has led to the development of various compact, ground-plane independent, dual/triple-band GNSS antennas with improved multipath rejection capabilities.

One notable technique in this field is the dual-frequency code-minus-carrier (CMC) method. This method isolates the multipath effect from other GNSS errors, providing a clearer understanding and measurement of these errors, ultimately leading to enhanced GNSS performance in challenging environments. By employing multipath mitigation techniques such as the CMC method, GNSS users can achieve improved accuracy and reliability in positioning, even in environments prone to multipath interference.

Dive into our whitepaper “Multipath Analysis Using Code-Minus-Carrier – Technique in GNSS Antennas” to learn more about this technique and how GNSS antennas can be designed and optimized to reject multipath waves.

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