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Taoglas create award-winning, instant IoT solutions for greater efficiency, cost savings, safety, and sustainability

Taoglas helps device OEMs and enterprises bring award-winning, instant IoT solutions to market for greater efficiency, cost savings, safety, and sustainability. Providing engineering design, expertise and commercial IoT platforms and services, Taoglas is  revolutionizing the way industrial and enterprise-level businesses work, by maximizing operational efficiencies and automating core processes. With fast-time-to-market, businesses can explore new revenue opportunities by improving overall performance and enhancing compliance with real-time predictive analytics. Cut your build time and consolidate the whole process of bringing an IoT solution to market by working with Taoglas.

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Image for Cost Savings

Cost Savings

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Taoglas IoT Products and Solutions

Taoglas provides OEMs with a portfolio of products and services to help build advanced IoT solutions in an instant. With a flexible offering covering most connectivity, global positioning standards, vision AI and sensors, the Taoglas EDGE™ portfolio of system-on-modules, devices and integration services is a complete edge-to-cloud enablement solution consisting of hardware, a cloud-based management platform, connectivity and managed services..

Built from the ground up, Taoglas demystifies the process by providing both finished IoT devices for immediate deployment, as well as the Taoglas EDGE™  system-on-modules and Starter Kits for fast prototyping — helping you reduce the cost and complexity of introducing IoT strategies. Key benefits of the Taoglas platforms include:

  • Low-power hardware and software
  • Cybersecurity in design and management
  • Device lifecycle management and OTA updates
  • Short and long-range wireless

Taoglas Cloud-Based, Enterprise-level Platform

At the center of Taoglas’ EDGE product series is our trusted, cloud-based platform Taoglas Insights™,  an enterprise-level software platform.
It allows for flexible, reliable and centralized gathering of data and life-cycle management of our IoT solutions. Taoglas Insights™ operates 24/7 globally, with access from anywhere in the world, and can be tailored to capture data and insights specific to your application.


Whether it’s in the area of connected health, energy and utility, agriculture and industrial, transportation or construction – Taoglas can ensure your project doesn’t come up against any of the common challenges that normally face IoT projects time to market.

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Connected Health

Connecting patient, provider, and patient health via world-leading technology.

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Provide solutions for safer and smarter use of transport networks and public safety.

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Smart Cities

Help enterprises and residents make better decisions that improve quality of life.

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Smart Buildings

Provide comfort, safety and security with less money, energy, and environmental impact.

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Take advantage of Taoglas’ vast, competitively priced IoT product range and years of IoT experience to simplify your business’ digital transformation. Taoglas is the one-stop-shop for enterprises looking to transform their business through IoT. From the initial strategy definition right through to the design, build, deployment and management of IoT projects. With our experienced teams of world-class engineers, Taoglas makes complex IoT projects simple and can ensure your organization turns concept into reality with fast-time-to-market.

Ronan Quinlan,
CEO and Co-Founder, Taoglas

Why Taoglas

Our People

Taoglas’ winning team is our most valuable resource. Fuelled by the relentless desire to be the very best globally, we recruit, train and nurture an environment where our people can innovate and design unrivalled IoT solutions. Our team of world-class firmware and hardware experts, front-end and back-end developers and RF engineers will work with you from the beginning of your project, on all aspects of your IOT solution.

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Taoglas means quality uncompromised

Through our culture of engineering excellence, in the most technically-advanced laboratories worldwide, we have built up a robust reputation for reliability and every process is backed up by world-class quality systems. Our IoT testing services include:

Image for OTA (over the air)

OTA (over the air)

Image for Cellular 4G, 5G, WiFi, Bluetooth and GNSS

Cellular 4G, 5G, WiFi, Bluetooth and GNSS

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Image for Humidity


Image for Salt spray

Salt spray

Image for Vibration


Image for Shock


Image for UV. Regression testing on software

UV. Regression testing on software

Image for FOTA (Firmwave Over The Air) updates

FOTA (Firmwave Over The Air) updates

Product Video

Watch our team of experienced, world-class industry experts speak about cutting-edge products and their capabilities below.

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