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Antenna and RF Services

Taoglas Service Flow Diagrams (Sigfox and LoRA)

Taoglas offers the most comprehensive portfolio of antenna designs across 5G NR sub-6 GHz, 5G NR mmWave frequencies, 4G/3G/2G, GNSS, Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth and other wireless technologies and have helped design and bring to market thousands of M2M and IoT solutions worldwide since 2004. Taoglas’ world class engineers will help you design and optimize RF and antenna performance whether you’re looking to initial system requirements or final optimized board design ready for carrier certification.

  • Custom antenna design.
  • Off-the-shelf antenna selection, optimization and pre-certification.
  • Expertise and innovative proprietary designs with many antenna types including monopole, dipole, loop, ceramic patch, PCB, flex PCB antennas, Laser Direct Structuring (LDS), and beam steered MIMO antenna arrays.

Before you begin your project, Taoglas recommend you consult our Initial System Analysis, before proceeding to the design and testing phase, providing a typical workflow to guide you through each process, for your better understanding of our unique approach to the strategy, design, build, deployment and management of your needs.

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Regulatory Compliance


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