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Our Value Proposition

Helping companies deliver IoT solutions on time, the first time

Cut your build time and consolidate the process of bringing an IoT solution to market.

• Choose the right solution architecture for specific requirements
• Get to market quicker using pre-configured modules
• Minimize development costs and increase ROI
• Reduce risk of project delays and poor-quality solutions

Our technical experts, industry connections, global certified manufacturing facilities, and cutting-edge products help you overcome the complexity and challenges of delivering IoT solutions.

IoT Solutions teams showcasing team work

Our core competencies extends across the entire value chain

Security Icon Security Icon white

Our security team have a deep understanding of the threat landscape that IoT devices will encounter and follow the SDL (Secure Development Lifecycle). Learn how to build in security from initial design of the hardware all the way up to your cloud applications.

Connectivity icon Connectivity icon white

Our team have decades of experience on short (RFID, BLE, Zigbee) and long range (Cellular, Satellite, LoRa) chipset and middleware design, validation, testing and pre-certification.

Device Design icon Device Design icon white
Device Design, Test and Manufacturing

Based on your specifications, our team works with you to provide device design recommendations and the testing services needed for carrier certification. With our deep roots in IoT device testing, we ensure that the device and performance will pass carrier specifications the first time.

Lifecycle management icon Lifecycle management icon white
Device Lifecycle Management

Our team can assist you in remotely upgrading and configuring your devices, thus, making it convenient to manage, track, secure, and maintain all your devices.

Sensor management icon Sensor management icon white
Sensor Management and Integration

Our team can help you integrate specific sensors needed for your application and provide a sensor management platform that allows you to get your devices provisioned, managed and decommissioned in real time.

data management icon data management icon white
Data Management and Real-time Insights

With the Taoglas EDGE Insights cloud management platform, we help manage and analyze all data collected and provide user-friendly applications for insights.

Our EDGE Platform and Technology Accelerators

Pre-certified SoMs make IoT as simple as activating a SIM card

Our system-on-module (SoM) portfolio offers the ultimate degree of flexibility and scalability for rapid IoT deployment. The stack of hardware, firmware, device management and cloud analytics platform can cut time-to-market by up to 80% for any IoT application.

With a flexible offering covering most connectivity, global positioning standards and sensors, our EDGE portfolio is a complete edge-to-cloud enablement platform comprised of hardware, a cloud-based management platform and connectivity.

Hardware Reference Designs of IoT Antenna

Flexible embedded software

High quality firmware (embedded software) is essential to reliable, well functioning connected devices. With a flexible offering covering most connectivity, global positioning standards and sensors, the Taoglas EDGE firmware stacks help you accelerate time to market by leveraging existing firmware stacks for security, connectivity and device management.

antenna board showcasing security, connectivity and device management.

EDGE Insights™

Our EDGE Insights™ is a cloud-based software platform that allows for flexible, reliable and efficient gathering of data and life-cycle management of EDGE devices.

Supporting device, sensor, security, and connectivity management, the platform enables real-time insights and intelligence that drive optimization, cost savings, compliance and new revenue opportunities for your business.

EDGE Insights mobile application showcasing data

Our Development Flow

We're with you from the start

From initial strategy definition to the design, build, deployment and management, we'll help you deliver a connected, easy-to-use, secure, and market-ready IoT solution.

You can choose to work on any element with us, including the integration of our EDGE SoMs with vision chip technology integration and your full system requirements, firmware updates, edge processing, cloud hosting and power management design. We have the capabilities to set up vision system training, testing and verification of real-world performance while staying within the target BOM cost to develop a cost-effective, practical one-box solution.

Read more about our areas of expertise and IoT design service requirements below.

Taoglas expert working of Development flow for IoT Solutions

Our Quality Guarantee

Certified manufacturing facilities worldwide

We provide customers with:

• Secure device provisioning
• Pre-production samples
• Full production and testing
• In-house R&D and design capability across three continents
• Proof-of-concept device samples

Taoglas employee in a Global Manufacturing unit

World-class test capabilities worldwide

Offering a wide range of testing services, guaranteeing world-class quality products, using our advanced laboratories worldwide.

• RF OTA (over the air) Testing
• Device Carrier Certification
• Automated Test Infrastructure
• IoT Device Validation
• IoT Device Verification
• Cellular 4G, 5G, WiFi, Bluetooth and GNSS
• Temperature
• Humidity
• Salt spray
• Vibration
• Shock
• UV. Regression testing on software
• FOTA (Firmwave Over The Air) update

showcasing Equipment's used in the Testing Process for IoT Solutions

Joint Design Manufacturing Services

Custom JDM services available subject to your individual project or IoT device requirements.

• Embedded Modules and Finished Goods
• Secure Device Configuration
• Advanced Factory Test Automation
• Supply Chain Cost Management
• Complete Custom Testing Solutions

Taoglas Employee designing a IoT Device

Taoglas means quality Uncompromised

We think of ourselves as a trusted advisor to our customers, no matter where they are on their IoT journey.

We have the capabilities and resources to collaborate with our partners on the complete solution stack-from initial strategy definition right through to the design, build, deployment and management of the IoT solution.

Through our culture of engineering excellence we have built up a robust reputation for reliability and every process is backed up by world-class quality facilities and systems.

Experts working in the Quality of Antenna and RF products

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