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HLD.20 IoT Device Firmware High Level Design and Project Plan

What is the problem or concern we are addressing?

You want to build a connected product that has some form of communications technology inside. Every product with a sensor, radio or interface needs firmware to sense, compute and communicate data securely and this service helps understand what is involved from a firmware point of view. Factors like security, real-time performance, power, reliability, manufacturing complexity, remote upgradability, remote configurability, product life cycle management and reliability all contribute to determining the starting point or the firmware and platform selection.

Service Name: HLD.20 IoT Device Firmware High Level Design and Project Plan
Deliverables: Detailed Product Requirements Document Product Architecture Document Solution Security Review Document Estimate Project Plan for POC to Production (If applicable)
Duration: 3 Weeks

The Process

Taoglas will review your product functional requirements to understand your design priorities. Once we understand your product use case and high-level requirements then we’ll need to meet with you and your team to discuss detailed requirements. We’ll help you define clear detailed requirements to produce a product definition document to include:

  • Product overview
  • Power requirements
  • Security requirements
  • User requirements
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Certification requirements
  • Build V buy options
  • Security design architecture
  • Power design architecture
  • Firmware architecture options
  • Legacy firmware integration feasibility
  • Sensor/machine/instrument management architecture
  • API requirements – cloud application, Bluetooth application

On completion of the product requirements document, our team will work on an initial project plan. We’ll then discuss the pros and cons of the choices we’ve made and work with you to help you decide on the best options for your device.

What does Taoglas need?

Mostly we will need to spend time discussing your firmware requirements and the collateral/artefacts required depend on where you are in the design. It depends on a greenfield or brownfield design situation and how much work has already been completed. Taoglas will NOT perform hands-on integration as part of this service.

Service Delivery Objectives

  • High Level Requirements Review
  • Firmware Requirements Analysis
  • Initial Firmware Development and Validation Project Plan