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Taoglas System-on-Module Portfolio

Taoglas’ System-on-Module (SoM) portfolio is based on Taoglas’ award-winning EDGE IoT design platform and offers the ultimate degree of flexibility and scalability for rapid IoT deployment. The stack of hardware, firmware, device management and cloud analytics platform can cut time-to-market by up to 80% for any IoT application. Taoglas customers can choose any of the multi-sensor, pre-certified SoMs, making the IoT design process as simple as activating a SIM card.

Key Benefits
The Taoglas EDGE™ SoMs are designed as single board computers that have low power consumption, high processing power, cellular connectivity, sensors and high-precision positioning technologies. Key benefits include:

  • Significantly shorten time-to-market by enabling ultra-fast proof of concept for IoT and machine vision solutions
  • Reduce development risk and cost by creating your solution from a proven platform
  • Work with Taoglas’ IoT solution architects to resolve complex integration processes
  • High quality, proven platforms across hardware, firmware, software, cloud services and analytics
  • Scalability and long term availability
  • Highly flexible design for hardware and software

With Taoglas’ production-ready SoMs, cloud platform and APIs, Taoglas offers turnkey IoT hardware and software platforms alongside comprehensive development services, manufacturing capabilities and expert technical support.

Taoglas EDGE™ EC55

Low Power, Cellular, multi-sensor EDGE computing SoM with Bluetooth. Onboard environmental and movement sensors, ARM Cortex M7 processor, firmware/OS RTOS, validated applications libraries (Real Time Performance) and comes with an advanced on-board analytics engine (Kinetica).

Taoglas EDGE™ EM15

Compact multi-sensor SoM with cellular, Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth with ultra-low power consumption in a small form factor. Features a dual-core processor, optimized firmware/OS RTOS, validated applications libraries (Real Time Performance) and comes with an advanced on-board analytics engine (Kinetica).

Taoglas EDGE™ IG25

An industrial multi-sensor SoM with cellular and Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n connectivity including industrial communication protocols, integrated digital and analog I/Os, industrial grade connectors, low power consumption and also features a dual-core processor, firmware/OS RTOS and applications.

Taoglas EDGE Locate®

The Taoglas EDGE Locate® is a cm-level positioning ultra low power subsystem with high precision GNSS for high volume navigation and autonomous applications in an off-the-shelf, compact form factor. Supports GNSS L1/L2/E5 bands and RTK – combining antenna, RF electronics and receiver technology delivering reliable high accuracy positioning.

Taoglas EDGE™ RTK Starter Kit

The industry’s most comprehensive IoT Starter Kit with cm-level positioning. Includes cellular, Bluetooth, onboard sensors, multi-band GNSS and RTK and cloud-based management platform. Prototype IoT applications quicker.

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