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GNSS Embedded Antennas

GNSS Embedded Antennas are for in navigation systems to track an assets locations. GNSS is an acronym for Global Navigation Satellite Systems, this refers to all satellites used worldwide for navigation applications. GNSS Antennas generate signals, in conjunction with GNSS receivers, that can be used to track asset’s locations globally..

There are two types of GNSS embedded antennas:

  • Active Antenna: An active GNSS embedded antenna is powered by a battery or other power source and generates its own signal. An active GNSS embedded antenna is more expensive than a passive one because it requires an additional power source.
  • Passive Antenna: A passive GNSS embedded antenna is unpowered and does not require an additional power source because it uses energy from the incoming radio waves to generate its own signal.

GNSS embedded antennas are used in applications such as vehicle navigation systems, cellular phones and other mobile devices. They can help improve accuracy by reducing signal loss due to reflection or absorption by surrounding objects such as buildings or trees.

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