FirstNet Antennas for PS-LTE

FirstNet is also known as Band 14 or PS-LTE (Public Service LTE). It is a dedicated communications tool for First Responders in the US. AT&T are providing an isolated network for providing faster critical information and data-sharing between blue light service providers and their agencies. New FirstNet devices are being deployed to allow for the multitude of services and applications which will be using the network for the following mission-critical applications:

– Computer-aided dispatch (vehicle location)
– EMS Electronic Patient Care Reporting
– Vehicle Mounted RMS/ Citations/ Scanners
– Video Streaming
– Drones deployed by emergency services for FirstNet LTE

The recommendation is for FirstNet to augment LMR and not replace it. If the LTE network is not covered then the LMR radio will be used. If a hybrid antenna to fit both purposes is needed, the Raptor III Response antenna is a good choice here. For other combination options see below. See also the walkthrough video below by our VP of North American Sales, Tim Dolan.

Antenna Type
LTE More Frequencies
Cable Length
Connector Type