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At Taoglas, we understand the need for IoT solutions that can help build industrial applications quicker while reducing complexity and costs. That’s why we offer our multi-sensor industrial gateway with 4G/3G/2G NB-IoT, CatM, GNSS, and Bluetooth connectivity.

Our industrial communication protocols, integrated digital and analog I/Os, and real-time sensor and positioning data provide a seamless experience, enabling real-time intelligence from the IoT EDGE instantly. Our fully integrated, pre-certified technology stack of hardware, firmware, and cloud platform ensures that you can deploy your solution quickly—even for complex custom solutions.

Our Taoglas EDGE Connect solution provides global LTE-M and NB-IoT connectivity with the EC40N model. It enables real-time insights and intelligence to help your enterprise save costs, increase revenue, and enhance compliance. The EC40L model comes with EMEA 4G/2G cellular connectivity, while the EC40B model provides US 4G/3G cellular connectivity—both preconfigured with an EDGE Insights™ platform.