The SDCP.5900.12.4.A.40 is a 12*12*4mm embedded ceramic DSRC/C-V2X Patch antenna. It is a high-performance directional antenna designed to operate at 5850 MHz to 5925 MHz for DSRC / V2V / V2X / V2I systems. The directionality of the antenna allows further range of DSRC communications. For example, one patch can be mounted to the front of the vehicle, and one to back. Its tiny size allows placement in crowded vehicle interiors. The SMD mounting is particularly suited to high volume manufacturing applications.

Typical Applications:
  • Automotive Rearview Mirror Back Mount
  • In-Vehicle Window Mount
  • Embedded in Roadside Transceivers

DSRC (Dedicated Short Range Communications) is the communications media of?choice for active safety V2V/V2X (Vehicle to Vehicle and Vehicle to Other) systems, primarily allocated for vehicle safety applications. DSRC supports high speed, low latency, short-range V2V/V2X wireless communications. The SDCP.5900 patch antenna has been designed to be circularly polarized to enable a more stable system signal strength typically required on moving vehicles. Circular polarization limits any potential drop in signal from orientation change to 3dB compared to a potential drop of 40dB or more for linear solutions. It results in a system that will maintain the communication link much more reliably.

For further optimization to customer-specific device environments and for support to integrate and test this antennas performance in your device, contact your regional Taoglas office.

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