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KHA.16.24C Quantum 28GHz 5G Smart Antenna Subsystem


Patent Pending Design
5GNR 26.5 – 29.5Ghz Smart Antenna
16 Antenna Elements
H-Pol and V-Pol Ports for Dual Linear Performance
Dimensions: 86.5 x 97 x 22.4mm
CE Certified
RoHS & REACH Compliant

Image KHA16.24C


KHA.16.24C Quantum 28GHz 5G Smart Antenna Subsystem


5GNR 16 Element, 26.5 – 29.5Ghz Smart Antenna

The Taoglas Quantum, KHA16.24C is a 2D antenna array with integrated beamformer RFICs to provide full amplitude and phase control across the 16 elements comprising the array. This active array is integrated into a multi-layer PCB that contains the RFICs and 16 antenna elements; layers provided for power optimization and thermal control, digital control, and RF feed lines all in the footprint of 53×84 mm. The array has separate H and V-pol ports for dual linear performance. The array scans along both azimuth and elevation axes. The array is designed to operate from 26.5 to 29.5 GHz, making this ideal for 5G applications.

Designed for use in 5G millimeter-wave systems, the KHA.16.24C, and can be interfaced with a customer supplied transceiver and baseband assemblies for home, enterprise, and in-building applications. The provided SPI interface allows direct access to the beamformer chipsets to control the device configuration. The antenna has up to 2 GHz impedance bandwidth which gives upwards of 2Gbps data rates which is well suited for fixed and mobile broadband capacity hungry Next Generation Networks.

The KHA16.24C features higher than 20 dB cross-pol rejection making it less susceptible to interference from undesired signals. The antenna can be directly connected using standard 2.92mm connectors The KHA16.24C uses four Ka-Band 5G beamformer chipsets that supports four Tx/Rx radiating elements each, includes all requisite beam steering controls for 5-bit phase and gain control, and operates in half-duplex fashion to enable a single antenna to support both Tx and Rx operation.

Phased arrays (static or scanned beam) can direct or modify their radiation beam through varying the relative phase and amplitude of each element (or groups of elements) in the array. The variable phase delay enables the steering of the beam. The RF signal from the radio is input into a Tx/Rx module. In the Tx/Rx module, the RF signal is divided by a 4-way RF splitter. Each output of the splitter is then connected to an RF path comprising phase shifter, amplifier, and low-pass filter. A command-line interface is included to allow the end-user to adjust beam steering angles, Transmit or receive modes, adjust the amplitude and/or phase per channel in the beamformers, etc.

For more information or integration guidelines on the KHA16.24C or any of our 5G mmWave products, contact your local Taoglas customer service team .

Technical Specification
Name Value
Antenna Type External Antennas, mmWave
Impedance 50
Minimum Operating Temperature -40°C
Maximum Operating Temperature 85°C
Termination Style Connector
Connector Body Style Straight
Polarity Dual-Linear
Frequency Range 26000-29000MHz
Connector Polarity None
Cable Length (mm) n/a
Packaging Box
RoHS Yes
Gain (Max) 17
Length (mm) 86.5
Width (mm) 97
Height (mm) 22.4
Weight (g) 10

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