Blade 868/915MHz Omnidirectional Dipole Terminal Mount Antenna

The Taoglas Blade TD.95.6H31 is a high performance, terminal mount omnidirectional dipole antenna, designed for use with a multiple of SigFox / LoRA / ISM network applications. It covers both widely used frequencies of 868 and 915MHz. The TD.95 uses a robust IP67 rated PC/ABS enclosure, making it ideal for harsh outdoor applications. The TD.95 is a dipole antenna which means that this antenna performs well without a ground plane. It reaches efficiencies of at least 57% with 1dBi Gain whilst maintaining an Omni-directional pattern for constant reception/transmission.

Typical Applications Include:
– Remote Asset and Metering Monitoring
– Mesh Networks
– Digital Signage

Measuring just 228mm in height and with a diameter of just 22.8mm, the TD.95 is also available in gray, TD.95.6H31G, for more inconspicuous installation. The TD.95 antenna is supplied with a direct mount N-Type connector, however, this can be customized subject to MOQ and NRE. For further information regarding customization or installation of this antenna, please contact your regional Taoglas customer support team.